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AFMC now Serves as the Space Force’s Service Major Command

AFMC would now serve as the U.S. Space Force’s designated servicing major command, a newly created position.The United States Air Force and the United States Space Force recently made measures to clarify AFMC position as the authorized serving MAJCOM for the United States Space Force. A memorandum of agreement giving a strategic overview of the USAF’s assistance for USSF, as well as a programming plan describing the functional support AFMC would give to Airmen deployed to USSF who are supporting USSF sites and operations, were among the activities taken.

To guarantee that Airmen deployed to the USSF get the same force-development opportunities, functional and administrative support as those stationed at USAF facilities, a new MAJCOM organization has been developed.U.S. Special Forces receives virtually all of its support from the United States Air Force (USAF) and its Airmen.

MAJCOM at USSF sites, the Air Force Maintenance Command (AFMC), would fulfill the tasks and responsibilities that a MAJCOM normally does. Typical MAJCOM responsibilities include, but are not limited to, providing policy guidance as well as interpretation and waiver authority when applicable. Other responsibilities include providing opportunities and guidance for professional development, representing developmental teams, and performing functional-specific roles. Nearly 8,000 Airmen who are part of facilities and units of the USSF would be serviced by the Air Force Medical Center.

Military personnel flights and civilian personnel offices would continue to serve USSF airmen and the Air Force Personnel Center will continue to serve all USSF airmen. Headquarters AFMC 2-letter personnel would support most Airmen stationed at U.S. Special Forces facilities who need MAJCOM engagement.

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