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American Navy Chooses Lockheed Martin and the IFS to Supply Smart Ship and Aircraft Maintenance 

The U.S. Navy has converted Lockheed Martin and IFS into an intelligent maintenance solution for the global security and aerospace firm that will enable its digital transformation of several old systems in a single, completely upgraded, and reliable logistics information system.The system ensures that staff spends time on missions and less on the repair of planes and ships.The IFS system encompasses over 3,000 assets including ships, airplanes, and ground equipment for planning and conducting maintenance, repair, and overhaul.

The NMO solution combines artificial intelligence (AI), digital twin capabilities, and forecast analysis to anticipate and respond to potential equipment failures before they occur which contribute to enhanced maintenance support, supply logistics, management of the real-time fleet, and other business functions to over 200,000 sailors.

The US Navy has chosen Lockheed Martin, along with the recognized industrial functions of IFS that some of the world’s major aviation and defense organizations, to utilize following a lengthy and competitive review process. The technology will first be implemented on a number of US navy installations in support of the Beast Code software developer to enable sailors and Marine Corps maintenance agencies to break down operational barriers and work towards a uniform repair process across ships and aircraft platforms.

The digital transformation of maintenance systems in the United States Navy will result in an intuitive, mobile-facilitated experience that will visualize the consolidation of assets and data components in a single depository.This will lead to enhanced data accuracy, improved processes, and eventually less downtime for assets and less unexpected repairs.The Total Asset Readiness through N-MRO ensures that data is accessible to help the U.S. Navy accomplish its intended readiness material and operational availability goals.

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