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American Robotics and the Resurgence of US Drone Organizations

Over the past few years, US Drone Companies have gained significant ground and coverage. Among these companies, American Robotics is the market leader in the segment. In January 2021, it became the first company to be approved by the FAA to operate automated drones without any human beings on-site. It exhibits how far the Drone organizations have come.

Political pressure on the Chinese -made tech, including drone tech, has had such an emulsifying impact on the drone industry. But in view of American Robotics CEO Reese Mozer, the resurgence of the US drone industries hasn’t been driven by this aspect. The game has evolved, he said,  asserting that although in the earlier days of the industry the days were not good it has taken a confining u-turn.

Precisely, the US manufacturers faced extreme hardship in dealing with the severe competition from the Chinese Manufacturers.“First, it’s important to segment consumer, commercial, and military drones into three very separate categories when talking about functionality and price,” says Mozer. Ultimately, although products within all three are referred to as “drones”, they are very different when it comes to technology scope, size, and use case.

A part of the reason for the resurgence of the US Drone Companies and the commercial drone sector is that new innovations are enabling ground-breaking waivers from the FAA. Human minds have been at the end of every failsafe of the drones, but now the situation has changed with new technological advancements. Shifting this responsibility to software and hardware required a series of technology innovations to be developed, tested, and adequately communicated to regulators at the FAA. It is hard to anticipate at the moment that how the demand would reiterate, but the growth prospects are high for the foreseeable future.

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