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Antony Blinken’s New Delhi Visit Strengthens Indo-US Security Partnership

The United States and India have reaffirmed their commitment towards strengthening their Indo-US security partnership during Antony Blinken’s New Delhi visit. Ties between the two nations have deepened and they mutually agreed upon the concerns due to growing influence of China in the region. Blinken stressed upon the vital relationship between the two nations during a joint conference with India’s Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar. Top diplomats of both the countries also stressed upon the political solutions that are needed to address the surging conflict in Afghanistan.

During the conference, Blinken’s also mentioned the “atrocities” committed by the Jihadist group stating the ill-intention of the Taliban for the country. He stressed U.S’ efforts for addressing the conflict and stated the need for all other parties to come together to resolve the conflict.

Blinken stressed the need to take the negotiations from both sides seriously. The two sides also talked upon Quad alliance. It is a security group of nations comprising Australia, Japan, the U.S., and India. Moreover, the issue of Human Rights was also figured during the meetings and the importance of Democratic values.

Blinken’s another crucial meeting was with Ngodup Dongchung. Ngodup Dongchung is a Tibetan government representative in exile. It will be seen as U.S’ support to Tibeten cause. Blinken’s also pledged funding of $25 million from the U.S government for India’s vaccine drive and reaffirmed that both countries will work together in tackling the pandemic. This visit of U.S. secretary of state is the second visit by a U.S senior official after Biden took office.

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