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Arkansas Encourages Aerospace and Defense Industry 

During the Mid America Aerospace and Defense Summit 2021 held in Fort Smith on Wednesday, June 09, Governor. ASA Hutchinson, addressed the attendees suggesting Arkansas to be the ideal space for the growth of the Aerospace and Defense industry. Mike Peterson, Secretary of Commerce has stated that the major economic strength of Arkansas is driven by the aerospace and defense industry.

Arkansas is recorded to be the number one exporter, with an impact of $800 million in exports accompanied with 10,000 plus jobs, and an added $2 billion addition to the total economic impact of the state. Arkansas accommodates 180 aviation and aerospace companies, and organisations, spread across every corner of the state. The Fort Smith Summit was established by the Aerospace and Defense Alliance.

The governor delivered a compelling addressal confirming the commitment of the state to the development of aerospace and defense industry by stressing on the announcement of F-35, and F-16 military missions in Fort Smith at the Ebbing Air National Guard Base.On Tuesday, June 08, Hutchinson also announced that Arkansas will contribute $17 million supporting the extension of the base runway by 1,300 additional feet with the city of Fort Smith committing $5 million for the runway extension.

Extensions have enabled the confirmation of the deal which is the shared motto for every project associated with aerospace and defense as suggested by Hutchinson. Aerospace and defense industry growth will be attributed to constant awareness, and focus on the future of the workforces provided through education system.

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