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Army’s Top R&D Command Enforces Amendments in Telework

Army’s R&D Command works on Increasing productivity in telework through providing work feasibility.  Remote work is here to stay and the widespread sentiment suggests that the DOD Organizations have charted up a resilient example of what it could look like. In a recent future of work concept paper, The Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command began to ask and answer several inquiries about what employees can expect from a post-pandemic environment. DEVCOM is a technically supreme powerhouse that employs the vast majority of the Army’s scientists and engineers.

“Usually we’re doing lab experiments on interesting Army technology, but we realized partway through the COVID pandemic that we were doing an experiment on ourselves. It was a forced experiment on how we’d want to set things up to try something different for a year,” Willison, DEVCOM’s deputy to the commanding general said during an interview for Federal News Network’s On DoD.

In August, more than 25,000 workers at the workspace were allowed to work remotely as much as possible. The same cycle continued till December. And what that did, is that give the authorities some more time to study the trends in the state and act accordingly. DEVCOM wants it’s workforce to be able to continue to work whenever and wherever they feel most productive.Upto some extent, the flexibility in the workspace would open up the shores of new opportunities for new hirings. Prior to the concept papers release, DEVCOM instructed its workforce to gauge their attitudes towards the possibility of longer-term remote work arrangements.

Studies concluded that people have felt more productive when working in a remote arrangement. On average, DEVCOM employees worked 40 more hours over the past year then they did in the preceding years before. The commitment of remote working does not get affected until a major concern prompts DEVCOM in the foreseeable future. Willison also insisted that the people have to move away from the myth of core hours.

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