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As the U.S is Grappled in Extreme Wildfires, Researchers are Using Drones to Forecast Fires

The Researchers of the U.S. West are using drones to forecast fires to take immediate further actions to stop the wildfires. The Researchers are using drones as a part of the program to fight and monitor wildfires.

MISSOULA, Mont, is the main center where the Researchers conduct the research. The program started as the Federal Aviation Administration loosens the restrictions on autonomous flight. The Federal Aviation Administration had imposed strict rules related to UAS.

The unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) proved to be crucial as it is cost-effective. Initially, the FAA had required the drones to be within the control of a pilot. And, following the same once, the team at the University of Montana had hired a helicopter to follow the drone.

Some of the fire chiefs feel that the drones are unnecessary, but some fire departments have tested the efficacy of the drones. The drones have sensors that can detect toxic gases and have infrared cameras installed in them, which the drone uses to measure the temperature of the fire. Additionally, drones can efficiently measure the humidity, location, speed of the winds, and wind direction.The Autonomous Aerial Systems Office director said the drones that help figure out the direction of the wind or fires and more will be helpful to determine the locations which be at risk of fires, which will further help to evacuate the people. In addition, the director said, the drones can help in making improvements in the future.

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