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Astronauts Narrate Their Return On SpaceX Capsule As Ponderous

NASA had collaborated with SpaceX to launch astronauts into space from US Soil. The achievement that was far-fetched and merely impossible was made successful by putting in valiant efforts. Four Astronauts who arrived back from the International Space Station on Thursday Narrate their experience about reentering into the Earth’s atmosphere as ponderous. The expedition has been prolonged to around 160 days in space as the Astronauts arrived back to the ocean splashdown after tireless commutations.

“There was a point where I was just saying to myself, breathe. Inhale, because I felt really heavy — I felt like those cartoons when they experience G and your face is just sagging down,” said American Victor Glover, one of the Astronauts in the group called Crew-1.

The Capsule that was selected after several trials for carrying the crew back to Earth splashed down off Florida early on Sunday. It was designated to be NASA’s historical ocean landing for the first time in about fifty years. The first regular mission that carried the Astronauts returned from ISS aboard a spacecraft built by billionaire Elon Musk’s company.

The astronauts on SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft believed that the circumstances would be grim and challenging due to the magnitude of the mission. But it turned out to be the opposite, as they felt it was enjoyable all around. The communication that got retrieved from the Astronauts that there might be a slight mishap due to lack of oxygen, as the weight of acceleration got concentrated in the chest, making it difficult to breathe. Until now, NASA has not acquired any entity for launching rockets to space from the US soil and as a consequence, it had to pay for rides to the ISS aboard Russian Soyuz vessels, which land on dry land.

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