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Aurora Propulsion to Send New Tech on Rocket lab’s Spacecraft

Aurora Propulsion Technologies is a Finland-based Aerospace Company keen on developing thrusters, and de-orbiting systems for small satellites. The company has grabbed a very promising opportunity sending its tech for the first time in space.

Aurora Propulsion Technologies has entered a deal with Rocket Lab to send its novel AuroraSat-1 CubeSat into the space. The technology will be launched aboard an Electron rocket mission which is expected to be conducted later this year. Aurora is among the many start-ups that have emerged recently in the aerospace technology sector. Aurora is proposing a solution to one of trickiest problems of the space industry that is space junk.

Space junk also referred to as orbital debris is of major concern with surging space activities. Space debris include any human-generated object sent into space that loses its functional capabilities. The Department of defense as of now tracks approximately 27,000 space waste pieces, and components with its Space Surveillance Network. However, it is estimated that the space houses millions of debris in the low Earth Orbit.

With the launch aided by Rocket lab by the year end, Aurora will have the opportunity to demonstrate its technology. AuroraSat-1 will display two modules. The technology will consist of 6 resistojet thrusters enabling CubeSats to instantly detumble, and align attitude control.Aurora Propulsion Technologies will also conduct demonstration tests of its Plasma Brakes. The Plasma Brakes consist of an electrically charged microtether that will generate drag for satellite de-orbiting.

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