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Automated Inspection Taken to Next Level by Percepto Drones

Percepto, the world’s leading provider of autonomous inspection and monitoring solutions, today announced the release of its enhanced 2022 Autonomous Inspection & Monitoring (AIM) platform, as well as its new Air Mobile drone, which was just named one of TIME magazine’s 100 Best Inventions of 2021, is the only end-to-end AI-powered solution for collating and analyzing all visual data for precise, actionable insights.

The new Percepto AIM 2022 Insight Manager offers AI-powered bundled solutions for various industries, including solar, mining, energy, oil & gas, and more. Percepto AI change detection platform gives unified visual data and essential business insights for each sector-specific solution by relying on tens of thousands of hours collected by autonomous robot missions at industrial facilities. In addition, AIM 2022 can work with self-driving drones, robotics, and other visual data collectors, including DJI drones and fixed cameras.

Based on the integrated visual data, reports and insights are generated automatically. In addition, the mobile device delivers defects or faults to critical stakeholders and is geotagged and shown on a map, enabling effective intervention before they evolve into more significant problems. The Air Max, the next generation of the Percepto Sparrow, is a field-proven solution used by the world’s most extensive mining, oil and gas, and energy businesses across six continents. For specific use-cases, the Air Max has a high-grade, adaptable payload.

Air Max is the only Drone-in-a-Box (DIB) solution with Optical Gas Imaging. It is designed to examine and map complex industrial environments where incredible precision and durability are essential (OGI). The Percepto Air Mobile is a new, more compact, and lightweight model designed for smaller sites or companies who are just getting started with a drone-in-box program, as well as more prominent locations that require greater deployment flexibility.

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