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Axiom, in Collaboration with SpaceX to Launch 4 Flights in the Space

As per reliable sources of information, Axiom Space, a private space flight specialist, announced its deal with SpaceX of appending three more flights for the crew to the International Space Station. Axiom has increased its total planned mission with SpaceX to four flights.President at SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell, stated that they are beyond excited to build their partnership by working with Axiom to make human space flight more and more accessible to the people.

He further added that this is the launch of the new generation of taking humans to space.Axiom is a Houston-based company, who previously announced its Ax-1 mission, which is about to launch with the SpaceX Falcon rocket and Crew Dragon capsule.

Further, they added that not only one, but there will be four flights named Ax-2, Ax-3 and Ax-4 as well. The first flight of the mission, Ax-1 is set to launch on 22nd January 2022.SpaceX has already launched three Crew Dragon flights to the space station in the last few years. They are under the NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, and they carry government astronauts in them.

SpaceX has managed to send 10 astronauts in orbit till date. The company has further plans to schedule both government and private missions in the coming years.Micheal Suffredini, CEO at Axiom, stated that SpaceX had been a reliable and commercial human launch company, and they at Axiom are thrilled to partner with them.

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