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Belmont Medical Tech Secures 5-Year DOD Contract Worth $133 Million

Belmont Instrument, which is entitled as a business entity by Belmont Medical Tech, has won a US Defense Logistics Agency contract to provide its hospital and portable rapid blood infuser product line.Billerica, Mass.-based Belmont said the five-year indefinite-delivery contract awarded in December 2020, also includes Military accessories. The deal spikes up to a potential maximum valuation of $133 Million. Belmont’s top market producer is collaborating with the US’s most integral department, DoD.

“Belmont is honored to continue to serve the needs of our military community. This has been a key area of focus for Belmont since the company’s inception in the 1980s. We are very pleased to be the recipient of this Defense Logistics Agency IDIQ contract,” Belmont CEO Brian Ellacott said in a news release yesterday.

The staggering point is that it is the first time that Belmont Medical Tech are confining its business activities with the United States Defense Department. The takeover is humungous and so are the expectations. Belmont’s top product is the Belmont Rapid Infuser Ri-2, which utilizes electromagnetic radiations to precisely control fluid temperature. The explosive infusers would help the military consumables to be grafted with more security settings. Belmont’s latest contract could expand its colossal empire across the US, and soon it may become the most underrated yet effective company in Medical Technologies.

The rapid blood infuser product line integrates a different pattern to other companies and it can control explosive flow rates during fluid resuscitation. Belmont currently has its prior engagements underway but soon could prosper the needs of the Department of Defense, said an official who demanded anonymity. The military community requires more medical attention due to their precarious efforts of giving it all for the nation.

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