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Biden’s HHS Secretary Precarious Border Play Embitterment The White House

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra reportedly tried to pressurize to withstand the historically low refugee caps set during the Trump Administration. The retaliation has come after fear of overwhelming the Office of Refugee Resettlement. He replenished the fact that raising the caps on refugees would have its bearings.

“He cares about raising the caps — but let’s take one challenge at a time,” one person close to Becerra told the news outlet. “Emotionally, he’s there. But he’s always a pragmatist.” Several people familiar with the matter and close allies to the Secretary said that he was diabolical in his statements very often.

He initially supported raising the caps on refugees initiative but capitulated his stance as  he believed that such a decision should only be made when his agency had the appropriate resources to deal with the higher number of admissions.  The White House officials have allegedly scrutinized him who have worried about  Becerra’s lax in taking efficient decisions regarding the HHS and responding to the tormenting of the migrant workers, and the children.

News outlets have reached to HHS to comment on  Becerra’s stance on refugee admissions. A spokesperson for the agencies asserted that they are initiating a pipeline to reduce the number of unaccompanied minors in custody. The minors are believed to long-awaiting their postulation on permanent housing. HHS is conservative towards the refugees and is taking other significant steps to exercise their rights on the policies regarding the individual asylum and immigration cases.

Towards the reeling of inheriting significant challenges, from severe capacity limitations ascertained due to the prevalence of the pandemic to disastrous 2018 policy assertions in thwarting case management work, the spokesperson told the news outlets.

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