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Bipartisan Supports U.S. Troops Placement in Afghanistan

There is an overwhelming response from the Bipartisan in support of the U.S. troops being placed in the country until and after everyone is safely transferred. This includes every American, as well as Afghan, stuck in the recently Taliban acquired country. Bipartisan believes it to be important that Afghans who have helped the U.S throughout the 20-year long war now need U.S. aid.

Despite the recent declaration by the United States President Joe Biden that all the country troops must withdraw and safely return by Tuesday, Americans seem to disagree. According to Biden, firm instructions have been given that irrespective of the evacuation status, troops must be out of Afghanistan.

Actions laid out have been consequential to many of the events. Hamid International Airport, Kabul, was attacked by the Terrorist group. 13 United States service members were reported dead, along with 170 Afghans. Adding to this, hundreds of residents were injured during the attack. While President Biden remains firm on his decision, over 8 in 10 Americans believe that the country troops should remain in Afghan to evacuate the remaining Americans. Whereas almost 71% support the evacuation of the remaining Afghans that have aided the United States.

The typical polarization that distinguishes public attitudes can be seen shattered in this case—the support towards holding off U.S. troops in Afghanis surprisingly consistent through party lines. Republicans, Democrats, and independents have displayed robust majority support. The partisan gap is also merely existent over the troop’s placement.

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