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Boeing CEO Faces Multibillion-dollar Dilemma

The CEO of Boeing Co, Dave Calhoun, faces a $15 billion Dilemma over how to rebuild sales in the airline business. The Jet maker has sparked an internal disruption and has put the future of the largest U.S jet exporter in line, according to the industry insiders.

The jet maker Boeing is dealing with a safety scandal following the 737 MAX airliner crash and the collapse of the airline business due to the air travel shutdown. The crisis has disrupted Boeing’s commercial business of the passenger jet. The biggest global competitor of Boeing was Airbus. The MAX variants could not compete with Airbus’ single-aisle A321neo as it snapped billions of dollars of orders in the past few months.

Many agency partners and other analysts in the U.S fear that if Boeing doesn’t do a perfectly timed new addition to its portfolio, a lot of market portion may be occupied by Airbus’s variants. Unfortunately, Boeing has not yet developed a plan to launch a new plane to compete with the A321neo. If now plans are developed for a new plane, experts believe that the company may face financial and strategic risks.

The president and CEO of Boeing Company, David L. Calhoun said, is confident that Boeing will regain its position in the product line as Boeing has won new MAX orders. The Boeing spokesman was asked about new plans for a new airplane. Responding to the question, he added that he has no immediate comments beyond Calhoun’s remarks.

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