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Boeing Likely to Increase the Price of New Air Force 

Boeing contacted the United States Air Force a Letter of Intent to suggest that, owing to an unsolvable subcontractor and a pandemic, the two new planes 747-8 Air Force One might end up costing more than $3.9 billion agreed upon.

In addition, the plane manufacturer anticipates that in 2025, one year later than previously anticipated, flying fortress jumbo might be delivered.Tuesday, a United States air force officer corroborated Boeing report that the new Air Force One 747s are most likely to be delayed and more expensive. As causes for higher spending and the changed delivery date, refers to challenges resulting from COVID-19 and issues with GDC Technics Subcontractor.

Boeing first requested $5 billion when the two sides agreed on this contract in 2018. In his customary fashion, then Chairman Donald Trump termed the costs “crazy,” and stated that USAF should “withdraw the order.” has therefore lowered the price to 3.9 billion dollars. Then it was delivered by the manufacturer in 2024.In the meantime, the main assistant secretary of the acquisition of Air Force, Darlene Costello, stated that the letter of intent had been issued yesterday at a meeting of the Sea Force and Projection Armed Services Subcommittee House that called for a rise in payments.

Costello did not specify whatever type of payment Boeing may consider, but stated negotiations are underway shortly.The project delay was caused by a disagreement with GDC Technics, a Boeing subcontractor. The aerospace firm in Texas has been given the contract to design and construct the interior of the two 747-8 years. However, the insolvent supplier ‘failed to comply with the terms’ terminated the Contract in April.’

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