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Boeing Starliner to Launch Second Uncrewed Flight to Space

Boeing Starliner is planning a second uncrewed flight launch to space following the first uncrewed test flight failure due to software problem. The second launch mission is valued at an estimated $410m. NASA has awarded Boeing the new contract of the Starliner mission. The new Starliner capsule has undergone a successful test flight on the ground. The orbital test flights for the Starliner capsule have yet been attempted due to software problems.

NASA and Boeing are jointly planning to use a resupply mission in the next three days. First, they will examine whether the spacecraft can launch and dock with the ISS. It will also demonstrate that the spacecraft can re-enter the Earth’s orbit and do a safe desert landing.

The first orbital test flight for Starliner attempted by Boeing in 2019 ended abruptly. The capsule failed to rendezvous with the ISS due to a software problem. However, the capsule had landed back to Earth two days later. As a result of the first failure, NASA has asked Boeing to attempt a second mission. NASA will pay the cost of the entire supply run. The estimated cost is $410m. The first launch date of the second mission was in March but was postponed due to a software problem.

The launch that will take place on July 30 will take place at Kennedy Space Centre. It is the primary launch site of America as it has close proximity to the ocean and the rockets also receive speed from the rotation of Earth.This mission is followed by a successful SpaceX launch in May 2020 that took astronauts into space from US soil.

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