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Boeing Successfully Completes the First Manned Unmanned Teaming Exercise with a MQ-25 Tanker

Stingray Tanker and U.S. Navy aircraft were linked for the first time in a test that demonstrated the Tanker ability to accept airborne orders from pilots and modify its mission as needed.As the drone’s mission set and concept of operations grow, the MQ-25 primary communication method might change.

Gaddis told reporters that while the MQ-25 is autonomous, it is nearly always in contact with an AVO and follows a mission plan given to it in advance. Navy League Sea Air Space Conference on Aug. 3 stated Gaddis.

After its first combat mission, “what happens if those communication lines are impaired, denied, or prohibited?” asks the author. Gaddis was interrogated. AVO and MQ-25 must work together because we can’t communicate with each other all the time.aircraft carrier communications might be cut off if an opponent jams or otherwise destroys the communications network, or if a ship’s crew turns off its communications to hide from an attacker.

When we design a warplane, we want it to be strong and capable. When the carrier decides to shut down its communications and relocate, our plan can’t just say: “I have to fly home.” That is not acceptable. This is something we already know; the Navy has informed us of it, and we’re working on it,” said Dave Bujold, Boeing’s MQ-25 program director.To practise, MQ-25 were given mission plans and launched from the deck of a ship.

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