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Border Patrol Helicopter’s Astonishing Missile Encounter; Exaggerating!

The FBI has announced an investigation on one of the most tragic Missile Encounter so far this year. The bizarre near-miss incident manifested on February 9, 2021, in the skies over Tuscon. The sky was darker, and the lights were blurry when the Missile Encounter between a helicopter operated by the US Customs and Border Protection, or CBP, was reportedly buzzed by a “high powered” drone.

The pretentious attack carried onto a high altitude and yet agencies weren’t successful to copy’s the drone path to know about the operator’s source. Momentarily while writing the piece, the actual precinct of the helicopter involved in the Missile Encounter is also not certified.CBP is predominant in flying different kinds of helicopters in the southwestern flanks of the United States, including drones along the border with Mexico. The renowned helicopters in the list include Airbus AS350s, Airbus EC120s, and Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawks.

“In 2018, The Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act included 18 USC 39B, which federally criminalizes “Unsafe Operation of Unmanned Aircraft.” Specifically, knowing or reckless interference or disruption of a manned aircraft, and the operation of unmanned aircraft in close proximity to airports,” read an FBI statement while fabricating details on the matter.

A local affiliate of Tuscon, Arizona, Dan Marries said law enforcement personnel retracted the drone’s flight path for about an hour and a half at a high altitude of 14,000 feet. Yet the efforts resulted in unsuccessful, and no more claims have been made about the probe in the past three months. The CBP got annihilated by the process and reported the matter to the FBI as it involved several passing borders of nearby countries. Whether or not the encounter’s culprit gets penalized is a different storyline.

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