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Brooks Extends Help Civilian Pilots to Secure Licenses

Congressman Mo Brooks last week introduced a Civilian Aviation Certification Equity Act. Under this, the Federal Aviation Administration will have to modify the current regulations. The Act implies equal treatment to the Department of Defense civilian pilots who have undergone the same training and qualifications.

FAA regulations provide U.S. military pilots or former pilots with an application procedure based on their certifications associated with commercial pilot certificates, instrument ratings, and type ratings. Despite the availability of application choice, FAA only considers the applications of members who have received certifications while serving the U.S. armed forces.

It excludes the DoD civilian pilots, making them unable to add FAA certificates or ratings. It overlooks the straining and qualifications acquired by the DoD pilots. Brooks currently represents Alabama’s 5th Congressional District as he continues to serve in his sixth term.Brooks will be terminating his service at the House by the end of his sixth term.

The Federal Aviation Administration provides the choice for application to active-duty, reserve, and national guard pilots. According to Brooks, they are allowed to utilize their training and flight hours to qualify for the civilian pilot license.As DoD pilots do not share the same privileges, the recently introduced Act will encourage civilian pilots to acquire licenses. Brooks was contacted by a Meridianville pilot after being rejected by the FAA. With the new Act, Brooks is trying to ensure equal and fair treatment to civilian pilots.

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