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CAES and SkyWater Expand the U.S. Strategic Semiconductor Radiation Platform

CAES, the pioneer of advanced design and manufacture of safe and confident aviation and defense, today announced a SkyWater Technology (NASDAQ: SKYT) partnership to further develop and manufacture the integrated circuits and systems protected by the strategic radiation of SkyWater.

The development of this key micro-electronic RadHard design and manufacturing ecosystem would boost the on-shore semiconductor supply chain, SkyWater’s DOD-accredited Trusted.CAES uses its experience in RadHard high-reliability I.C. and SiP design, testing, validation, and manufacture to allow ecosystem partners to cooperate on the advancing of U.S. National Security Missions.

CAES‘ 90 Nm, process qualifications expertise, is unique in the industry for the U.S. government and would be a critical milestone to the modernization of U.S. strategic systems while improving performance and reduction of the risk,” stated Thomas Sonderman, President, and CEO of SkyWater. Through the partnership with CAES, we hope to speed up our trusted on-shore strategic defense ecosystem, which requires incredibly sophisticated, microelectronic process radiation-immune technology.”

“To assist reinforce the strategy, trusted supply chain with product that is created and produced here in America, CAES president and CEO Mike Kahn is thrilled to work with Sky Water and to contribute our knowledge in confidently reinforced radiation design and qualification.” “We look forward to contributing to the most rigorous national security tasks in close cooperation with SkyWater.”

SkyWater’s 90 nm RadHard process technology qualification & production (RH90) and the development of libraries for intellectual property design enables the production of processors, safety engines and storage devices, application-specified integrated circuits, as well as for other critical strategic mission products for CAES, and for its ecosystem design and manufacturing partners.

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