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CBII, the Conglomerate Force For Handling DOD’s Performance Over Networks

The pandemic has shifted the Defense Department employees to remote work. It has also come with severe difficulties as the DOD’s has overseen a sharp spike in cyberattacks against its Networks. The CBII was forced into action as the Defense Information System Agency ramp up the efficiency of the controlling parameter.With Cloud-based Internet Isolation, user interest browsing sessions are transferred from a traditional optimized desktop browser Tina secure cloud platform. It generally is a peculiar way of isolating potential malicious code and content and detaching the threat from direct connection to DoD Networks.

“For mission partners who are operating in low-bandwidth, high-latency environments, CBII has been the solution for them to conserve bandwidth for their mission-essential functions.”  Laurel Lashley, DISA’s CBII program manager, said. The mass telework has increased due to the menace of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the CBII was the solution that the officials resort to come up with a sure-short plan to increase the capacity of the DOD Networks. The pilot test was a game-changing move adopted by the DISA. The DISA on finding the effectiveness of CBII shifted its focus towards implementing ways to enhance the bandwidth.

The CBII got moved into production in September 2020, with the ultimate underpin to migrating all the DOD users to the solution. So far, 190,000 users at 25 organizations have been moved to CBII, with the Defense Health Agency as the largest adopter at 160,000 users. Lashley said 1.5 million users will be migrated by the end of fiscal 2021.The approach of the DOD seems crystal clear as it wants to move with the same technique. It wants to onboard the DOD services, combatant commands, and the defense agencies with a sizeable sampling of users and integrating them into the CBII system during the period of the first year.

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