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CBP Headquarters Examining the use of Low-flying Helicopter at Enbridge Pipeline Protests

The U.S custom and border officials are investigating the use of Helicopter at the protest site. The Helicopter had flown low over the Protests in northern Minnesota. To call for President Joe Biden to end the pipeline project, a number of had gathered at the construction site of the pipeline project, including many activists, indigenous leaders.

Actress Jane Fonda also accompanied the to support the protest against the project. Also, some arrests took place to control the as they chained themselves to construction equipment. A Helicopter had flown very close to the, and that moment was captured by a photojournalist. The rotor wash of the Helicopter dispersed dirt, dust, and debris over the activists and other Protests.

This locked the Protests from moving to the pipeline equipment. The CBP headquarters is investigating what exactly happened that day and whether the act is justifiable. The CBP headquarters is investigating the facts precisely.This information was given by a spokesperson of CBP. Based on the gathered facts, CBP will take appropriate actions, said the spokesperson. Policies procedures of CBP will be followed to take appropriate actions, told the spokesperson.The American economist Winona Laduke said 100-plus American citizens have got arrested for topping the Canadian corporation from constructing the pipeline project which is a very tragic thing.

The tactical maneuver undertaken by the federal government to stop the Protests was dangerous and unnecessary, she added.However, according to an official at the Northern Lights Task Force, the Helicopter dispersal was not to create havoc in the area. But due to extremely dry weather conditions, the dust kicked up in the area, stated in a Facebook post. The helicopter noticed the situation immediately and left the area to stop further issues.

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