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Civilian deaths hit record high in Afghanistan as U.S. forces withdraw

As the U.S forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan, the country has hit record high in Civilian violence and deaths. The U.N. Assistance mission warned that the conflict may become more deadly as the fights has come closer to urban areas. In the month of May and June over 800 Civilian were killed and nearly 1,600 suffered from severe injuries.

The mission stated that, these figures are the highest recorded since 2009. It said that, the war has become more deadly as the U.S military troops started to withdraw from Afghanistan since May.The less foreign support is proving more dangerous to Civilian in rural and urban areas, the UN mission stated. Secretary general Deborah Lyons said, the war is on “grim and chilling trajectory”. If the war continues with the same effect, the consequences would be catastrophic for Afghan Civilian, the U.N mission reported.

The Taliban surged its attacks in May as the U.S military troops began their withdrawal. Taliban now controls scores of districts and areas. The Afghan government forces are collapsed as the Taliban has advanced its attacks. The Afghan government is now struggling to take control over its territory with less foreign support.

Most of the Civilian that were killed between May and June were struck by bombs. Many were trapped between the Afghan forces and Taliban ground attacks. The United Nation Assistance Mission has urged to cease the violence, but the conflict is escalating across the country.

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