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Climate Crisis Threatens US National Security, Defense Secretary Says

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Thursday claimed that the climate crisis is making it more difficult for the military to defend the US and its allies. The Climate Crisis is emerging as one of the nation’s existential threats with the potential to profoundly destabilize global security.”From coast to coast across the world, the Climate Crisis has caused substantial damage and put people in danger, making it more difficult for us to carry out our mission of defending the United States and our allies,” Austin said in an address at a summit with the world leaders focused on climate change.

The Arctic is condensing and moving towards melting, and the competition for resources and influence in the region keeps on increasing. Closer to the equator, where the temperature is at the highest, extreme weather conditions prevail in Africa and Central America. It is threatening millions with drought, hunger, and displacement. The condition could have a major effect on all the countries and they might be suffering from hunger, and they strive to survive.

President Joe Biden kicked off the virtual summit, which falls on the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement signing and Earth Day, with a plan to cut emissions by 50% to 52% by 2030. The new target basically doubles the Obama administration’s prior commitment under the 2015 Paris Climate agreement. The situation has been prevalent among societal problems for over a decade, and still, hindrances bother the United States.

Global warming is making the world more dangerous. It has a serious impact on national security, and that’s why it matters so much for NATO. The NATO members will be stepping up their game in addressing the global Climate Crisis, and the goal is to improve the situation for better tackling congestion attacks on various economies and defense parameters.

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