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Collins Aerospace Releases Perigon to Meet Future Requirements for Flight Computing

The introduction of its Perigon computer for a large range of commercial and defence systems has been announced today by Collins Aerospace. Perigon is meant to provide future flight control and vehicle management demands with increased processing power, open-service architecture and customizable configurations.

Kim Kinsley, Vice President and General Manager of Environmental and Airframe Control Systems at Collins Aerospacee, says “From autonomy to cyber security, clients expect their platforms to perform more than ever before.” “However, additional capacities demand a proportionate increase in processing power. Perigon is poised to assist clients meet the future flight computing requirements of tomorrow with its unique mix of power and flexibility.”

Collins revealed the development of a next-generation computer meant to allow autonomous flights during the International Air Show in Farnborough in 2018. Collins has constructed a functional prototype since then with an eye to certification testing in 2022 and is now carrying out comprehensive design and integration testing.The company also marked the computer as Perigon, a 360-degree mathematical word. Collins picked the name for the several features that Perigon can give clients, an overall perspective and improved flexibility of its systems and inputs.

The processing capability of Collins’ existing flight control computers will be 20 times higher for Perigon and thousands of them are presently in operation on several platforms across the world. In combination with its open-system architecture, Perigon’s enormous computer capacity will enable users to load it with a range of complicated software applications, including independent and fly-by-wire flying control, cyber security, and health prediction.

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