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Congress Authorizes Missile Defense Agency to Research and Develop Laser Tech

The US congress to the Missile Defense Agency has given authority to conduct research study and work on Laser technologies that will be implemented for all the missile defense applications. The Missile Defense Agency will carry early research and development of technologies and technology transition of the defense industry to make the defense industry fully operational and capable of tech driven operations.

MDA has previously worked on similar energy technology programs. He recalled the Airborne Ballistic Laser program that began in 1970. Ellison said that similar technology program was pushed aggressively by the George W. Bush administration to combat the threats to the US from ballistic missiles. However, the huge cost investments required for the program and technical challenges caused to halt the program.

The Airborne Ballistic Laser was successfully tested which had destroyed a short-range ballistic missile in 2010. The-equipped aircraft had its final takeoff in 2012 from the Edwards Air Force Base which then transitioned into long term storage.

Nevertheless, MDA again turned its focus on Laser technology and scaling low-powered demonstration planned for 2021 to test its capabilities for combating enemy missiles. However, the efforts of MDA were derailed due to insufficient funds. Deploying Laser on high-altitude areas, and long-endurance UAVs has been MDA’s future goal.

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