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Congress Slashes USAF’s Plan to Retire Older Aircraft Fleets

The US congressional members have rejected the US Air Forces’ plan to retire some older aircraft fleets which has put its A-10 move on hold. The service will put on hold its plan to move some close air support aircraft to Arizona.

The U.S lawmakers have blocked the retirement of A-10s will was also previously sought by the Air Force. It will pause USAF’s plans of shifting 14 aircrafts, the service stated.The Air Force officials mentioned that it can maintain 218 tank-shredding aircrafts that are currently in service. The service has singled out 35 A-10 aircrafts from the Davis–Monthan Air Force Base. It wants to retire 42 A-10s and maintain the 281 for backups or testing.

The Air Force in the budget request to retire the A-10 aircrafts had outlined plans tp retire several aircraft models and drones.Lawmakers have reined Air Force’s projected cuts and intend the Air Force to cut only fewer 12 KC-10 and 18 KC-135 aircrafts. The Senate Armed Services Committee warned the Air Force to maintain 292 C-130 active aircrafts and retain a minimum 287 C-130 aircrafts.

The SASC has directed the Air Force to a minimum capacity of Air Force fighter aircrafts. The SASC has allowed the service to purchase new five F-15EX aircrafts.The SASC allowed the Air Force to buy 12 new fifth generation F-35A jets. The lawmakers have not yet decided on the USAF’s request to retire the E-8 surveillance aircraft and RQ-4 Global Hawk drones.

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