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Covid-19 Pandemic does Not Stall the Progress of DAU

The Covid-19 Pandemic has stalled the activities of various industries across the United States. Despite the protracted lockdowns, acquisition professionals were able to keep track of their training. The professionals have expressed their gratitude towards the Defense Acquisition University’s ability to respond quickly to the dynamic world requirements.

With the Covid-19 Pandemic fret escalating over the past over, the travel industry has curtailed its services.  And which has enforced the Defense Acquisition University to forge temporary shutdown. The information was reiterated by Stacy A. Cummings, who is directing the world for defense acquisition and sustainment. She spoke today during a virtual discussion as part of the Naval Postgraduate School’s 18th Annual Acquisition Research Symposium.

In spite of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the DAU was able to sustain its prowess in training and providing its knowledge to more than  80% of the classroom vehemence. The contentious pattern of classroom teaching was soon revamped into virtual offerings, which had previously not been adopted by the agency before.Since the initial announcement, the scenario around the training has escalated quickly and undergone some tormenting times. Despite the difficulty posed, the DAU has ensured that more than 30,000 acquisition professionals were able to receive the instrumental training that is the essence of further involvement in the missions.

The online offerings have tried to potentially maximize their upbringings by conducting 28,000 live attendees over the past year. Cummings also said that the DAU’s credential program, which began following the success in 2019, has gained the perpetual advantage and is disseminating knowledge to acquisition professionals with skills and knowledge more finely focused on their consolidated areas of expertise.DAU’s credential programs have attained popularity due to their timely efforts and the reliability factor has kicked in significant numbers of acquisition professionals. The compliance to select self-order to grow and deepen their skills as a booster in the process of continuity of the program.

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