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Covid-19 Vaccine Monopoly is Cryptic, Leads to Huge Avenues for Big Pharma

The pharmaceutical companies fight to persist with the stance of intellectual property protections over the Covid-19 Vaccine as the world is stalling under the threat of the pandemic. The pandemic is far from over, and the companies are not feeling secure over the waving of the patent protection policies issued by the Biden Administration.

The United States has gone with their exclusive propaganda by integrating a dangerous precedent by their actions of supporting for waiving intellectual property protection of Covid-19 Vaccine. Intercept journalists Sharon Lerner and Lee Fang have expressed their viewpoints on the precarious affairs adopted by Big Pharma on sustaining the IP since the course of the pandemic commenced across the world.

Despite global calls of sharing their acquired knowledge on the production of the Covid-19 Vaccine. It would have been somewhat beneficial in ramping up the progress of vaccination sanctions and also put an end to the burgeoning crisis as soon as possible. By claiming their adherence to persist with the monopoly IP right on Covid-19 therapeutics and other drugs, the markets have perpetuated around the synopsis of profiteering their avenues amid the appeal and agony of a global response.

How likely has it been that these Big pharma companies haven’t dropped the slightest penny for the sake of improving the world’s ailing position and have instead adopted a criticized approach which might be captivating of them. These Big Pharma companies are leading the pack of extortion by indulging in monopoly rights, which enables the acquiring units to pay more patent rights which in kosher circumstances could be wavered off. Nevertheless, the innocent citizens continue to plead to their respective governments across the world to comprehensively announce policies for adequate supplies of medical etiquettes.

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