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Cyberhawk launches drone flights to mitigate critical wildfire in US

The visual data solutions provider and the creator of iHawk software Cyberhawk has launched nearly 22,000 drone flights to examine more than 25,000 electric utility structures in Western region of U.S as a part of its wildfire mitigation and reliability campaigns. The drone based inspection will provide enhanced approach in wildfire prevention.

The company has deployed its services globally. Cyberhawk has expanded in the U.S market to help the energy utilities maintain safe and potential power grid networks.The U.S power grid is the oldest power grid globally of which more than 70 percent transmission lines are more than 25 years old. Cyberhawk says, inspection and maintenance of the power grids is important especially when mitigating the risk of wildfires.

In 2020, the company launched a program to carry drone inspections of over 50,000 transmission lines. The company under the program will collect and manage huge amount of data. It will identify defects, allow maintenance planning, and suggest remedial actions. This will empower the energy partners to make informed decisions, reduce costs, and environmental impact. Most importantly, it will significantly reduce the need to use helicopters in hazardous areas.

The CEO of Cyberhawk said, as a part of the company’s program, the drone based inspection services will ensure safety of the community and significantly reduce the risk of utilities. The Planning Supervisor of Cyberhawk Anna Dille said, their utility customers are relieved with the company’s efforts to undertake inspection of the power grid structures in great detail.Cyberhawk serves energy clients globally. The company helps its clients to manage their whole power grid structure including transmission lines, substations, and energy distribution.

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