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Defense Department Pondering Its JEDI Project. Will It Terminate?

The relay of the JEDI Project aspirations looks gloomier as the federal judge decided to deny the motion regarding giving political interference permittance to the contractors. The outset of allegations made by Amazon web services processed the judge’s abbreviation towards denial.

Since January, the Defense Department has been in talks about the JEDI project, and an indication was reflected in a paper disclosed to Congress and the media journalists. Officials have suggested that the imperil of the decision of granting the contract will bring in many perplexes. According to the reports, the reiteration has been around the same line: The capabilities that got disseminated to the JEDI, which was awarded to Microsoft in September in successive periods still needs to be integrated.

“We continue to have, I think you know, an urgent, unmet requirement for enterprise wide commercial cloud services at all three classification levels, but we remain fully committed to meeting these requirements, we hope through JEDI, but these requirements transcend any one procurement,” DOD Press Secretary John Kirby said during a May 10 briefing.

Deputy Defense Secretary Hicks declined to comment on any further litigations following the termination or the succeeding plan of JEDI. Instead of giving a direct clue, he tied moving to a cloud architecture for further innovations at the department.

Hicks said that further assessment on the burgeoning litigation needs to be processed before the department could derive the ultimate conclusion in respect to Pentagon’s $10 million awarding projects. Whether or not it will get terminated or the official decision on the best path forward in other directions remains a question of concern. The cancellation is largely being presumed across the department, but it will contradict the undertakings as since the time JEDI was involved, cloud technologies have become a day-to-day affair in the Defense working systems.

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