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Democratic Senators Asking Pharmaceutical Companies Their Vaccine Plan

The coming few weeks are critical for the Pharmaceutical Companies across the United States. By the time we study a new report later next month, more than half of Americans will have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine.Sharing intellectual property, ” such as vaccine recipes and manufacturing information… could drastically expand vaccine development and access,” states a letter to Pfizer, sent Wednesday and signed by Democratic senators Elizabeth Warren, Edward Markey, Tammy Baldwin, Jeff Merkley, and Christopher Murphy.

In this letter, the Pharmaceutical Companies are asked by validating questions by the lawmakers on whether it has shared any of its proprietary knowledge with a group set up by the World Trade Organization for that purpose. Meanwhile the US are shifting their focus to accommodate a plan with the Indian conglomerates to ramp up  the production of its mRNA vaccine.

The situation is so grim in some of the developing companies that if current trends hold, people will be lucky to get a vaccine shot by 2023 or 2024. The factors predicting that the hastenings will come to an end soon have suggested that the US Pharmaceutical Companies are deploying on sharing their know-how. India, which manufactures the AstraZeneca vaccine has surfaced a spurred shortage due to the current spike in the Covid-19 cases.

The Pharmaceutical Companies as per the directive of US President Joe Biden have been working with Indian companies to manage the workload of production. There is a belief that the wider production of the Covid-19 vaccines would ameliorate the repercussions of the pandemic and help limit the spread of new, potentially more dangerous variants. The US Senators have come up with their support and have assured that they will stick by their allies during the time of crisis.

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