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Department of Defense Underway Mitigating Climate Change Challenges

The U.S Navy and DOD are taking efforts to confront the climate change Challenges in the most military dense region, Southern Virginia.The Hampton Roads in southern Virginia has the most densely covered region of military installations. The region is also the headquarters of the United States Navy base, Naval Station Norfolk. It is known to be the largest home port to the naval facility. On the Atlantic Ocean, Southern Virginia has the greatest Navy’s ocean-faring capability.

The Hampton Roads, U.S’ greatest Defense facility is badly affected by the Challenges posed by climate change. Lloyd J. Austin III, the Secretary of Defense had recently visited Naval Station Norfolk to discuss the impact of climate change on the Defense and its preparedness to address the Challenges. It has been the topmost priority for him.

Austin during his earlier visit has accepted that the Department of Defense badly impacted by the planet’s climate change. The climate change has affected the DOD’s missions, plans, and installations. Rising sea level is also the major factor posing risk to conduct the operations. He assured that the DOD will take necessary actions to prioritize climate change considerations and do risk assessments to tackle the insecurities.

The DOD is continuously evaluating the opportunities that will help it to mitigate the operational impacts and design and build resilient infrastructure.The DOD’s responses to address the climate change Challenges in the Navy Region include natural solutions like dune restoration or preserving coastal marshes and plant life. The DOD is also utilizing man-made solutions and much more to address the Challenges.

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