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DJI Mavic 3 Cine Drone Covers Almost Every Angle

DJI’s upcoming Mavic 3 drone has been widely rumoured, but it’s now been completely leaked ahead of its scheduled November debut, featuring pictures, spec sheets, and more. The information comes from TechnikNews, WinFuture, and Jasper Ellens of DroneXL. They display practically every aspect of the drone and describe the three distinct Mavic 3 bundles that will be available. According to previous speculations, the Mavic 3 would have a longer battery life and USB-C charging, as well as two cameras. According to today’s sources, the drone will be available in DJI’s usual “fly more” bundle as well as a new “Cine” bundle.

The fly more add-on, like the existing Mavic 2, is said to offer additional wires, batteries, propellers, a case, and other equipment not included with the standalone aircraft. The Cine, like the two Mavic 2 variants (Pro and Zoom), appears to have slightly different technology and capabilities than the original, making it a unique beast.

Unlike the Mavic 2 Zoom, which featured a separate camera module, reports indicate that the Cine model will have additional internal features that will make it better for video.The Mavic Cine will support ProRes, the video codec that has recently made its way into iPhones, according to a leaked spec sheet posted by Jasper Ellens. It will also come with DJI’s Smart Controller, which features a screen, according to photos – another leak from Ellens suggests it’s a new version with a different port arrangement.

The Cine variant will also contain 1TB of internal storage instead of the 8GB provided with the standard model, according to the specifications. If the Cine package does feature these enhancements, prior speculations about its price being much higher than the base model’s are likely to be true.

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