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DJI’s drones still pose national security threat to U.S DOD

The DOD’s statement came after Pentagon reported that it has cleared two drones models manufactured by China based manufacturers. Pentagon had reportedly admitted that the drones have been recommended for use by government organizations.

The DOD said in a statement that the existing policy and practices related to the drones systems for the any government entity and for U.S forces remain unchanged unless the written reports are approved for release.

The DOD refuted reports that said that certain models manufactured by the Chinese firm Da Jiang Innovations have been approved by Penatgon for procurement and further operations of U.S government and other agencies.The DOD in the context of the release stated that it was inaccurate and uncoordinated. The DOD said that the release is not authorized and is under review by the DOD.

It further pointed out that, in 2018, the DOD had issued a ban on the purchase and use of commercial off-the shelf UAVs notwithstanding the manufacturer. The ban was issued by DOD due to the rising cybersecurity concerns. DOD also stated that, the following year Congress had passed legislation banning the use and purchase of Chinese drones and other components. It continued that mitigating threats posed by UAS remains DOD’s top priority.

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