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DLA’s realignment of industrial hardware procurement to boost yield and savings

The transfer of industrial hardware ranging from nuts, bolts, and seals from DLA support to DLA Aviation and DLA Land and Maritime is aimed at boost the weapon support system and strengthen the potential of DLA in growing missions.

The realignment is for more than 900,000 industrial hardware items. The procurement program than began in March 2020 will complete by end of September 2020. The official deactivation of DLA troop support will start by October 2021.

The transfer of the hardware to DLA Land and DLA Maritime will boost communication and collaboration among the entities involved in the supply chain like suppliers, customers and employees.Around 500 employees handled the industrial hardware at the DLA Troop Support. Now this has been realigned to other supply chains in Philadelphia-based organization.

Some industrial hardware will be upgraded by the Philadelphia-based organization but with no loss of standard or pay. The new upgradations will be helpful for new missions for the defense and other federal agencies. As a result the realignment is expected to boost DLA Troop Support’s revenue around $7 billion by 2023.By transferring the hardware procurement, the DLA Troop Support aims to bring down labor cost which is about $8 million annually. All the work of reassignments and other will now be done by DLA Aviation and DLA Land and Maritime.The DLA Troop Support decided to transfer the procurement of industrial hardware to its other groups to reduce material and operating costs.

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