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DOD Bets Big Stakes on Financial Data to Improve Performance

The DOD is betting that Financial Data will optimize its business operations from the workforce to divesting legal systems. Gregory Little, DOD deputy controller for enterprise data and business Performance said that the new agency aims to use data analytics to Improve business processes, decision making, and digital transformation.

“We’ve put a lot of focus right now on, as we think about modernization,  how we simplify processes, improve data quality and automate, “Little said during an April 6 virtual FedInsider event hosted by Breaking Defense.

The organization collaborates with various DOD Components like the Defense Innovation Unit on innovation acquisition techniques, the CIO to rationalize the system and get better data. DOD strategic focal point has been on workforce training and optimization. From robotic process automation to using data analytics for historical budget analysts, the shift has been monumental.

The developers are keen for the tech to launch as it would space much of the time to perform critical tasks. It was inevitably observed on this year’s results,,43 boys helped save the Pentagon’s business analysts 30,000 hours. The administration is primed for innovation and has panned out plans to build a workforce that has the right skill sets for the future.

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