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DOD Commits to Look into Strategies for Mitigating Helicopter Noise

Reducing the disturbance caused by the noise of Helicopter while conducting missions is difficult, but DOD says it will try to mitigate it by developing new strategies.Beyer and other lawmakers have sought amendments in the National Defense Authorization Act in response to the repetitive complaints.  The recommendations related to the document will allow the DOD to study the new altitudes of  routes.

It will also allow the DOD to reduce noise and improve transparency with the community.Beyer thanked the DOD for undertaking and releasing the new report. He has urged to implement the new recommendations as soon as possible. Residents in Arlington and nearby locations have lived with Helicopter noise for many years, and it is a burning issue in the area. Previous discussions regarding noise mitigation did not conclude with positive outcomes.

Over 50 operators operate in the area, which is the biggest contributor to the Army. The second biggest contributor is the Marine Corps. According to the findings of the report, the height of the flight operations is considered acceptable. The report also acknowledged that the Helicopter noise is very disturbing than the airplane noise.

The DOD has committed to take steps to mitigate the noise. It will discuss the possibility of increasing the altitudes of the Helicopter route with the FAA. The FAA has permitted to lower airspace as the airways are dominated by passenger planes.Other recommendations that DOD will give include tracking and monitor the noise of  to make further adjustments. DOD said it will also work with FAA to address local flights procedures and take corrective actions.

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