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DOD Demonstrated 5G Network Initiative for Smart Warehouses

The Department of Defense (DOD) has introduced a new concept promoting the 5G-to-Next G project initiative, screened by the Under Secretary Office of Defense focused on Research and Engineering. This initiative enabled DOD to demonstrate an advanced 5G Network successfully in various warehouse activities, including logistics modernization which will be exclusively built and designed in the United States.

The Smart Warehouse technology is a $90 million prototype demonstrating the early capability. The demonstration has delivered higher-speed downloads up to 1.5 Gbps and latency up to 15 msec with the help of 380 MHz of spectrum between the mid-band and mmWave. After the successful demonstration of the prototype, the step further is its completion, after which it will be deployed in Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Georgia.

It will be utilized as a private 5G Network using up to 750 MHz of bandwidth already available for elevating performance.5G attributions of super high speed and ultra-low latency capabilities along with the development of specialized equipment to handle the specific Network are considered to deliver significant developments in autonomous vehicles for inventory management.

Machine learning will enable inventory tracking and augmented or virtual reality will be applied in the improvement of workforce efficiency in several warehouse operations supporting DOD.The 5G Network prototype is designed with the next generation Open Radio Network standards. It is designed in a way to comply with all the DOD-associated specifications for zero-trust architecture complying with native security and secure Network systems.

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