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DOD for the first time hosts an online forum with the presence of PFAS stakeholders

DOD of the U.S held its first public outreach which allowed for an engaging and transparent dialogue between the department and PFAS Stakeholders.

It is expected to continue a series of engagements with the communities and stakeholders affected by polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS. This will enhance transparency between DOD, affected communities, stakeholders regarding PFAS related activities.Richard G. Kidd hosted the online forum and told the attendees that it may take years or even decades to complete the cleanup activities but it assured the attendees that it will remain committed to the cleanup effort and keep communication with the affected communities.

Kidd said, the DOD shall make sustained progress on all the challenges related to PFAS. He said, the DOD will invest into science and technology and will remain committed to keep clear and constructive dialogue between the department and with all the stakeholders like all the participants present today.  The U.S military to fight the aircraft fires is been using the aqueous film-forming foam, or AFFF. The AFFF contains polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances. These substances are man-made chemicals that also include perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS).

These substances gradually are mixed into the groundwater under the military installations and in the water used by the troops for drinking. The DOD is working for many years now to address the challenges related to PFAS and is working with U.S government, state, and the affected stakeholders.  This first of its kind public forum strengthens the DOD commitment to a transparent dialogue with the affected community. The DOD will continue to work on the previously identified 698 installations that are affected by the PFAS.

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