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DoD Prioritizes Electromagnetic Spectrum Dominance Deploying 2020 Strategy

Lloyd James Austin III, the Secretary of Defense, signed the 2020 Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy’s deployment plan on July 15, 2021. The Strategy’s I-Plan offers the DoD with the executive oversight and direction needed to accomplish the Strategy’s vision of independence of action in the Electromagnetic Spectrum at the place, time, and aspects of their will.

The Department’s cyberspace, space, maritime, land, and air operations rely on the Electromagnetic Spectrum. In the middle of the increasingly denied spectrum, congested and contested environment, and commercial advances, the Department is dedicated to prioritizing their warfighters’ freedom of action and attaining spectrum superiority at the time of sustaining the country’s economic competitiveness.

John E. Hyten, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Air Force Gen., said that the EMS Superiority Strategy incorporated their spectrum equities and Electromagnetic warfare for the very first time. He further added that the Strategy’s I-Plan offers a path to the DoD to accomplish the Strategy’s targets and aims and understand the vision. Upcoming challenges need them to battle and win the EMS from the start, and commanders must strategize to win the EMS in their region of responsibility.

The Strategy’s I-Plan gets them to empower the upcoming battlespace. As the services are equipping, training, and organizing better for EMS, they have extra work to do. They are resolute to get there and attain spectrum dominance in all areas.The Strategic Command of the United States of America is the escort for EMS operational advocacy. The Department released the 2020 Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy on Oct. 29, 2020, in order to line up EMS activities, capabilities, and resources across the DoD for supporting their core national security goals and stay aware of U.S. economic prosperity.

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