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DOD to Advance Intelligence Information to improve decision making

The Department of Defense is to adopt a back to basics approach to modernize information technology that provides advanced Intelligence information to war fighters and leaders. This will help them gain advantage in better decision-making.The DOD’s deputy CIO said, the conventional systems must be modernized to ensure that US withholds its competitiveness.

US is facing complex and evolving security threats, said Cynthia J. Mendoza. However, the Intelligence modernization will help the U.S security forces to stay ahead of their adversaries and get timely and insightful information for further decision making.Mendoza said, the U.S rivals are advancing in the field of AI, ML, and cyber security. Better risk management is also being focused by the adversaries, Mendoza said. The United States need to adopt the same.

To confront these challenges we need to scale and modernize the IT infrastructure and adopt best advanced technologies. Now the challenges for the DOD are to operationalize the IT infrastructure including machine learning and artificial Intelligence. Adopting the wireless telecommunication technologies like 5G and quantum computing is also crucial for the DOD.

Mendoza said, three principles are important namely trusted partnerships, understanding the results and possible outcomes, carrying out best practices from the lessons learned.She said, for modernizing the Intelligence information, along with Intelligence community, international partners, Congress, the contribution of people to show the real capability is also important. She believes, the IT modernization must be started with advancing stakeholder engagement strategy.

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