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Drone Images Exhibit Drought Emergency in Northern California

Stunning drone photos of Lake Oroville help illustrate the Drought emergency declared by Gov. Gavin Newsom in two Northern California countries. The ravishing visuals would declare the crisis of hunger and strive across the state.

Water levels at Lake Oroville have dropped to 42% of its 3, 537, 577 acre-foot capacity. The stumbling block for the counties is that they are dependent on the rainfall in the Russian River watershed. The second tacky winter had left the region’s reservoirs in doubt and in a far more severe situation. The major water district has warned that Lake Sonoma and Lake Mendocino could reach historically low levels by October.

Even the Southern California region is failing after the effects of the lack of precipitation as most of its backwaters are supplied by big federal and state water systems. The state of affairs has gone dire and the woes are worsening towards an overhauling problem of Drought and scarcity. The Metropolitan Water District is the prominent supplier in water supply across South California. The images captured by the drone would give us heartwrenching visuals where the waters have dried up so staggeringly.

Los Angeles, which is one of the highest level reservoirs doesn’t face any kind of water supply shortage. The reservoir problem implicates a more realistic problem of Drought which has not been prevalent at such a level comparable to any other year. The federal government is working to enhance the reserve supply of the groundwaters and it is believed that the intensified supply would be enough to carry it through this year and next.  The Drought scarcity is a threat to lives as the water drenches have been growing at high levels.

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