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Drone Problems that were Predicted

A new cache of Pentagon documents obtained by the New York Times demonstrates once again that Drone warfare causes more harm than good to the United States. strikes by the United States, which have killed hundreds of civilians across the Middle East, radicalise opponents, keep the US involved in wars long after they should have ended, and trigger post-traumatic stress in individuals in charge of the programme.

Drone, as uncrewed, often precision-guided weapons, can achieve many of the desired effects of widespread conventional warfare at a much cheaper cost. , proponents claim, convey a convincing signal to rivals that the United States can fight conflicts indefinitely, that they allow Washington to mostly withdraw from the Middle East, and that the reusable nature of modern keeps US troops out of harm’s way.

This could hardly be more untrue. Even if Drone do deliver a believable signal to rivals, it will be ineffective unless those adversaries cease to fight. The inverse is true. attacks increase radicalism because they destroy families and innocent bystanders. According to the New York Times, US Drone strikes in the Middle East have killed 1,417 civilians. This suggests that the US is feeding into the anti-American terrorist organisations’ narrative in order to radicalise recruits.

According to reports, the Islamic State has exploited footage from strike aftermaths in its propaganda videos. It’s not difficult to persuade someone that a distant country despises them after showing them images of a family in their own country being killed by a Drone strike.

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