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Elbit Protest Dramatic Rage Continues; Drone Factory Demolished

Pro-Palestinian activists in the United Kingdom might have deployed one of the outrageous moves by destroying the Drone Factory. It was an extensive demonstration of agitation and anger against the Israeli occupation for successive three days on Friday.

Alleged rumors swirled around the UK that the troops were protesting at a factory after they perceived drones circulated to the Israeli military. Members of the Palestinian protestors’ group first demolished the roof of the Drone Factory in Leicester, a city situated in the East Midlands. The catastrophe event on Wednesday sent terrors to the natives.

“These drones have been directly linked to the butchering of children in Gaza, and activists occupying the site are determined that no more of them end up in Israel’s hands,” Palestine Action said in a statement published on its website on Thursday.The site in the thick of the news is registered with UAV Tactical Systems, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, Israel’s gigantic arms manufacturer and supplier. The Palestinians are infuriated by the fact that the Israeli forces are using the developed unmanned aerial vehicles in the drone factors on war with Gaza.

The latest Israel-Palestinian conflict might have bombarded yet another turn after continuous ceasefire violations for 11 days. Israeli’s bombing on the besieged envisage has left cracking turmoil in Hamas, who in retaliation fired thousands of rockets in Israel. The concerning point is that other foreign governments might force into action if Israel and Palestinians workforces in their helm start to feel the tensions across the border resulting in unbearable rage.Pictures posted on social media showed the reflection of shadows of protestors waving the Palestinian flag in their hands with their slogan of fearlessness and anger. The war may continue to one of the biggest affairs in recent times, which might get eased as committees come to terms with the demand of both the troops.

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