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EOD units test imaging X-ray system

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal units tested new imaging technology at the Eglin Air Force Base. The new X-ray system Vidisco Guardian 12 Digital Radiography makes it easier to view the internal suspicions, explosive devices, and unexploded weapons.

Air Force Civil Engineer Centre delivered the X-ray system to Hill AFB and Utah. The center will distribute the remaining systems in the next five years. The EOD flights Tyndall AFB, Hurlburt Field, and Eglin AFB received the systems after the training events.The new X-ray system will strengthen the EOD forces. It will increase EOD efficiency to capture clear images and cut short the time that is spent next to the hazardous devices.

Vidisco Guardian 12 Digital Radiography will replace three commercial off-the-shelf systems. Until the new system is integrated these systems will serve as interim solutions. The three commercial systems include, a system of over 99 pounds that requires support and wired connection to operate. Next is an X-ray that is a wireless mobility system. The third system is out-of-date which is not been used for several years now.

The new system has all the capabilities of the previous systems necessary to support the mission. The new X-ray system comparatively to the older systems provides clearer images. Thus, it will make the detection of IEDs or any unexploded weapons much easier. The new system can be operated both using wired and wireless connections. Wireless capability allows capturing remote images and reduces the operational time of the Airmen. The new system has many other features making is more resilient in current times.

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