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Firefighting Drones Could be the Solution for Dixie Fire

The Northern Californian regions have been on an ongoing disruption path owing to the extensive, and uncontrollable fires. The fire crews that are currently struggling with the massive Dixie fire across five counties across Northern California are adopting a new approach. They will be seen deploying firefighting Drones with a new mechanism to prohibit the fire from moving towards communities. These Drones will drop fire balls in specific regions to avoid flames from reaching the community of Taylorsville.

On Monday, the East Zone Operation Chief Jeff Surber Taylorsville is now addressing anew threat by a spot fire. The city that has been in surrounded by flames from three sides for several weeks is expected to witness drastic event requiring drastic measures.

The spot fire is expected to traverse from Genesee Valley following the slopped ridgetop down into a steep avalanche terrain. This particular area is crucial as it is highly inaccessible to the fire crews, and significantly dangerous to set backfires.

The idea of constructing a dozer line above Taylorsville is to wait for the fire to eventually move, after which it will align itself with the specific points. These points will be determined by the East Zone Operation to be okay to let burn thus protecting the community of Taylorsville, according to Surber.Surber added that the fire crews believe that they can conduct the deployment of Drones which will drop a lone of fire across a path in order to generate a fire break.

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