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Flying a Drone on Mount Everest, Here’s What it Takes

Something interesting was discovered at the world’s largest mountain peak, Mount Everest. A cook at K2 Base Camp in Pakistan was looking through his binoculars towards Broad Peak when he spotted something that looked like a body above 2,000 feet below the summit. The cook was astounded by the size of the body, and later on, he shared his discovery with his brothers. Barack Bargeil and his brother Andrzej,  members of a Polish expedition, were hoping to make their first busty visit to K2. When the initial visuals arrived, the expeditious Poles thought they were looking at a corpse.

On further examining and researching the study they realized that it was a man in distress, clinging to the side of a mountain with an ice ax. Several months earlier, Bartek had hacked the drone’s flight control software. Bartek quickly launched the drone, which sped over the glaciers towards Allen. This story helped the climbers to use drones on their expedition to Mount Everest.It’s been nearly decades since two bodies were found on the North Face of Everest. The climbers’ plan was to search for their final resting spot and the pocket-sized Kodak camera that he was believed to carry.

With the help of drones, the expeditious climbers were looking to retrieve the camera. If the film if the camera had been salvageable, it might have held an image on Mount Everest that would rewrite history.  The drone concept has been flying over for ages but became popular on the mountain ranges when these expeditions have been able to procure a way out of how you can utilize drones to find lost things precariously.

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