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GBL and Samsung Electronics America to Provide New 5G Network for DOD

Both the companies have started deploying new testbeds for the U.S Army military bases. While GBL serves the technical requirements of the DOD like technology integration and prototype creation, Samsung Electronics America will deliver its 5G solutions and technical expertise to the U.S Army military bases. Samsung will also deliver its latest network products such as Galaxy 5G android phones, MIMO Radios, and cloud-embedded 5G Standalone (SA) Core.

Both the companies announced that the DOD will examine the tech applications of AR and VR in mission planning and training. The technology applications of the companies will enable the U.S military to enhance the live field military trainings. The live exercises will include virtual obstacles that are faced by the military troops in the combat theatre, data overlays and military instruments.

The field test will use Samsung’s mid-band 5G radios and mmWave. It will be used to maximize coverage and enhance training capacity. The Army trainees will use the AR/VR goggles that will enable them to see the digital content and use it to acquire real time information.

Vice President of Samsung Electronics America Imran Akbar said, we are pleased to collaborate with GBL and deliver resilient 5G network with enhanced security for the US army. 5G will transform and assist the DoD. The technology will increase the training safety and will increase the combat ability of the nation, Imran added.The two companies will collaborate with each other and will work closely with DoD to verify that the 5G network is resilient for AR/VR based training exercises and mission planning.

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